Re: future of beagle

2009/3/3 D Bera <dbera web gmail com>:
> No sir. This is partly true due to lack of resources and partly due to
> ... I believe there is some discussion in the evo-list about the
> proper way indexing engines should access evolution data from its
> storage. Seems like it is more than a simple patching of the existing
> backend. This would require some knowledge and familiarity with
> evolution ... apart from my time, I also lack any familiarity with
> evolution - hence I have not dared to look into this problem yet.
> If no one is interested in helping on this, evolution support in
> beagle will soon be a thing of the past.

I haven't been able to look into this either. For those who are
interested, Philip van Hoof has been working on a DBus interface for
metadata extraction from Evolution. Details here:

Arun Raghavan

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