Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

2008/10/8 Stephan Hegel <stephan hegel gmx de>:
> Hi,
> Arun Raghavan wrote:
>> The Thunderbird backend now relies on a plugin (which simply dumps new
>> emails in the ToIndex directory from where Beagle picks it up and
>> indexes it). The plugin is shipped with the Beagle source and should
>> get built if your configure foo is right. You can download it from [1]
> Thanks for the hint.
> Yes, I've built beagle-0.3.8 from source 'cause there is no openSUSE 10.3
> rpm package available. And yes, a package called beagle.xpi is built in
> the thunderbird-extension subdirectory. It is is quite different from the
> beagle2.xpi package I've download via the link above (the beagle2.xpi
> package contains 3 more *.xpt files) and it isn't installed at all when
> running "make install".
> However, two questions remain:
> - is there any documentation I've missed covering the Thunderbird backend /
>  extension installation procedure ?

Don't think so. We need to fix this.

> - How about old emails ? How do I get them indexed if only new emails
>  are dropped to the "ToIndex" directory ?

I think the extension dumps old emails in ToIndex as well (10 at a
time so as to not fill up your disk, IIRC). Pierre can correct me if
I'm wrong.

Arun Raghavan

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