XMP for directories (was: Re: how is it possible to write a filter for directories?)

Hello dBera,

> Don't remember. Usually xmp metadata only makes sense for files. there
I use this for my teaching material. There is often a bunch of files
containing a worksheet, a presentation and a source code sniped or
something like this. I put them into one subdirectory and therefore got
the idea to describe them by adding properties to this directory.

> could also be technical problems; but I think extending the support to
> directories is a natural request.

I could not completely see through. I've tried to apply these two
changes: (against TRUNC Rev. 4869)

* XmpSidecarStore.cs:133: in GetXmpQueryable() do not bail out if path
  is an existing directory.
* FileSystemQueryable.cs:215: in DirectoryToIndexable() call
  xmp_handler.MergeXmpData() with directory indexable.

but queryable.GetCrawlingFileIndexable() fails, when it is called with a
directory as parameter (File not found). Checking for necessary actions
for directories is directly done in AddDirectory(). Would it be safe to
call AddDirectory() from GetXmpQueryable() unconditionally if the
basefile is a directory and is not scheduled in the current batch?
Or do I need a new Function GetCrawlingDirectoryIndexable()?



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