Current features and status (desktop crawler comparison)


A few months ago I sent an email about a comparison of desktop
crawlers, where the results can be found here:

However, there were some questions left unanswered and some features
were either on-going or planned.

Would it be possible to fill the missing info and check for any mistakes?
I am particularly interested in the current status of the following aspects:
- Index removable media
- Removable media is cataloged (e.g. it's possible to distinguish
different DVDs from eachother through their unique volume number and
an optional user-provided string)
- Index archive files recursively (When will you add support for rar and 7zip?)
- File checksum (allows finding duplicate files)

(It's probably easier to reply to this email than to edit that
information at wikinfo because it requires registration.)

I would also like to leave a couple of suggestions/comments:
1) Have you ever considered adding "Content-based image retrieval" support?
You could use imgseek or gnuift as your backend for that task.
2) About file checksum, it should be possible for the user to choose
which algorithm to use. For example, some users could prefer CRC32
while others the ed2k hash algorithm (and maybe store the complete
ed2k URI as well as metadata information).

Thanks for your time! :)

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