Re: beagle viewers

Hmmm, well, most likely its one of 2 things, a mime-detection problem,
or a problem with your Gnome configuration. If you could open up a
terminal and run:

beagle-extract-content --debug <filename>

on some file that _shouldn't_ open in Firefox, and send us the output.

In the future, please direct questions to the dashboard-hackers
mailing list at so everyone can see the response. ;)

Kevin Kubasik

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 12:35 AM, mike dixon <mdixon operamail com> wrote:
> Hi -
>  I've looked all over the place (google, etc.) and cannot figure out how to stop beagle from opening virtually every single search result in firefox (pdf, jpg, gz, text, etc.) - can you tell me what is controlling that?  I don't use gnome or kde or anything, I'd just like to know how to force beagle to open a text file in nano/pico, a jpg w/xv, a pdf w/acroreader, etc.
>  Thanks.
>  Mike
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Kevin Kubasik

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