Re: ANNOUNCE: Beagle & Libbeagle 0.3.4 (FC6)

I can not find a but i can find:

It should also be in the devel libglib2 devel package, whatever is its name.
Somehow the packages you install seem to have missing files :)

True,  (and  Arun Raghavan guess is right - I used binary Mono installer)
Creating /opt/gnome/lib a symlink to /lib does not help - the file does not exists

A google search does not find any fedora rpm's with (not even in FC7-9)

What is
A link to /lib/libgthread-2.0.a?

I beleave I have the latest FC6 rpm installed (glib2-devel-2.12.9-1.fc6)

Thanks for suggestion and help so fare


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