Re: Desktop Crawler's feature comparison - UPDATE

Some of the people reading this may know the drama it was adding this
information in wikipedia... only to get deleted due to wikipedia's
rigid rules.... *g*

The good news is that there is a big wiki (from what I saw it has more
than 30K articles) which endorses the so-called "original research".
That means the comparison table is welcomed there!

I have also linked wikipedia's page of Beagle, Tracker, Strigi and
other 2 relevant pages (to desktop search) to this article in wikinfo.
I hope that won't be "regulated" as well -_-'

I am now asking for your help in replacing the questions marks on the
tables (in the wikinfo article) with more usefull content.
Can you give me an answer regarding those open issues?
(To edit an article you have to register; no email needed though) So I
will update the article with your replies.

Thank you!

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