Re: Desktop Crawler's feature comparison

I have finally published the first version of the comparison article.
You can find it at

**Please** take a look at it and fix any mistakes I may have commited.
I would kindly ask you (users and developers) to keep it updated and
make any additions you seem fit.
Another important thing is that I have also made clearer (at least I
hope so) some of the subjects I have asked you about and you didn't
understood what I meant. I would ask you to reply there (in the form
of an edit) if you can :)

I'll try to make a reference from your software's wikipedia entry to
this comparison article.

There is still so much to be added (in particular, file types and
application data supported).... but this one has taken me faaaaaaaar
mooooooore hours than I had ever expected.

It's just unfortunate that only users from 2 projects have provided me
with updated information =(

Best regards,
Monkey D. Luffy

BTW, if you think it's worth it, had a link from your site's "feature
or faq" section to this entry.

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