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From: Stefan G. Weichinger <lists xunil at>
Date: Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 9:29 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: [gentoo-user] beagle and thunderbird
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Dirk Uys schrieb:

>> Should I unmask this unstable release to get the feature I am looking for?
> You will have to keyword the following:
> app-misc/beagle
> dev-libs/libbeagle
> dev-dotnet/dbus-sharp
> dev-dotnet/dbus-glib-sharp
> dev-dotnet/taglib-sharp

OK, did that ...

> You will want to build Beagle with "-eds" otherwise that will add
> additional deps on evolution-data-server etc which you probably don't
> need since you use thunderbird.
> Also, don't build Nautilus or Yelp with the "beagle" USE flag, the
> stable versions (2.20) of both depend on beagle-0.2.18

Understood and set accordingly.

> If you face problems, feel free to mail this list or catch me
> (bheekling) or Arun (Ford_Prefect) on #gentoo-desktop @ FreeNode or
> #dashboard @ GimpNet (depending on whether the question is
> gentoo-specific or beagle-specifi ;)
>> Should things behave as I expect them to behave?
> Beagle should behave, cedk (the maintainer) has kept the package in
> good shape :)
>> Do I have to configure something somewhere?
> Probably not. Your profile will be migrated automatically. Once again,
> feel free to contact me or Arun if you face problems. This will help
> us as well since Arun has recently started pushing for getting Beagle
> stabilised with GNOME 2.22, and we would appreciate it if we could get
> some testers :)

Yup, I face (a) problem(s):

I keyworded the mentioned pkgs and tried to emerge beagle.

I get access violations and libbeagle does not emerge successfully:

--------------------------- ACCESS VIOLATION SUMMARY ---------------------------
LOG FILE = "/var/log/sandbox/sandbox-15448.log"

unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/argtypes.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/argtypes.pyc
unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/definitions.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/definitions.pyc
unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/defsparser.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/defsparser.pyc
unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/scmexpr.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/scmexpr.pyc
unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/override.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/override.pyc
unlink:    /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/reversewrapper.pyc
open_wr:   /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/codegen/reversewrapper.pyc

I don't want to delete them, I prefer to ask you first ;)

Thanks for any help, Stefan


ps. sorry for all the forwarding

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