Re: [gentoo-user] beagle and thunderbird

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Dirk Uys <dirkcuys gmail com> wrote:
> So I have app-misc/beagle-0.2.18 now, with USE-flags "eds gtk pdf
> python thunderbird xscreensaver", along
> mail-client/mozilla-thunderbird- ...
> And I have gnome-extra/deskbar-applet-2.20.3 installed for searching.
> "Google Summer of Code 2007 sponsored a beagle project on the
> Thunderbird backend. The work is finished and was merged in svn trunk
> in September, 2007. The thunderbird backend will be available in
> 0.3.0+."
> Should I unmask this unstable release to get the feature I am looking for?

You will have to keyword the following:


You will want to build Beagle with "-eds" otherwise that will add
additional deps on evolution-data-server etc which you probably don't
need since you use thunderbird.

Also, don't build Nautilus or Yelp with the "beagle" USE flag, the
stable versions (2.20) of both depend on beagle-0.2.18

If you face problems, feel free to mail this list or catch me
(bheekling) or Arun (Ford_Prefect) on #gentoo-desktop @ FreeNode or
#dashboard @ GimpNet (depending on whether the question is
gentoo-specific or beagle-specifi ;)

> Should things behave as I expect them to behave?

Beagle should behave, cedk (the maintainer) has kept the package in
good shape :)

> Do I have to configure something somewhere?

Probably not. Your profile will be migrated automatically. Once again,
feel free to contact me or Arun if you face problems. This will help
us as well since Arun has recently started pushing for getting Beagle
stabilised with GNOME 2.22, and we would appreciate it if we could get
some testers :)

~Nirbheek Chauhan

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