Beagle won't index e-mails in KDE4 KMail


my name is Andreas and I am new to this list. I've got the following problems 
with Beagle 0.3.7 running on my shiny new openSUSE 11.

Beagle just won't index my mails stored in KDE4 KMail (Version 1.9.52), it did 
so on my previous openSUSE 10.3 with KDE3 KMail.

The KMail slave is activated via the Kerry KDE GUI and thee-mail  account type 
is "disconnected IMAP" as before on openSUSE 10.3.

Any ideas why Beagle does not like  my new KMail, at least so it seems?


Skype:   andreas.demmer
ICQ:     103 924 771

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