Re: beagle error logging

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 1:23 AM, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
>  Need some suggestion here. Once in a while for some user, beagle
> creates these giant log files. I am wondering how to stop that. This
> is really trying to avoid worst case behaviour. The logging scenario
> is much better now than a year ago so the average users dont see this
> problem.
> The disributions turn off debug log for beagle. Only error messages
> are printed. So if someone has a 1GB of log file with debugging turned
> off, it clearly means there are hundreds of error messages. Due the
> plugin nature of beagled, its hard to determine where the error is
> coming from. If we can determine which component the error is coming
> from, then we turn off that component after certain number of errors.
> In addition to it, we try not to print repeated multiline errors. But
> still it is theoretically possible for some component to go kaput and
> print endless stream of error messages.
> I am thinking of adding a catch-worst-case safeguard. If the number of
> errors is more than 100 in the last 100 minutes, then beagled shuts
> down! Period, no question asked. It kind of ruthless, but it is much
> better than allowing it to continue and maybe, just maybe, create a
> 100GB log file. I have a slight worry that this proactive decision
> might be too harsh ... but I don't see any other way to stop the
> problem otherwise. I will make sure there are enough hints to the user
> that beagle is having trouble on his computer.
> What do you think ?

what about add a message to the log and stop logging?
so that search etc. will continue to work but no logs are written
until the daemon is restarted.

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