Beagle Properties

Hi Beagle-Developers,

is there an up-to-date list of all properties that Beagle's filters
generate? If not, I may be able to provide some data like this, soon. I
created a preliminary script, which extracts these information directly
from the source code. Because, having developers maintain a list does
not really work :-) Nobody will update such a list.

However, such a list would have three advantages:
1) A developer of a new filter may want to reuse existing properties.
For those, this list could serve as a guideline. A developer can still
come up with new properties.
2) This list would provide us with an overview of current Beagle
properties. It would help to align all filters properties (if they mean
the same, they sould have the same name).
3) Finally, with this list, we could quickly create a Beagle ontology.
Here, I am thinking of the currently ongoing rdf branch and metadata
daemon efforts.

Enrico M.

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