Re: [Xesam] [ANNOUNCE] Nemo 0.2.0 released

On 10/01/2008, Anders Rune Jensen <anders iola dk> wrote:
> Hi
> We're very pleased to announce a new version of Nemo. Nemo is the
> first software to support the new standard Xesam[1], for talking to
> desktop search servers. In this release we have only tested the Xesam
> interface against the beagle xesam adaptor (version 0.2 with the
> following patches required[2]) but it should work against all
> complying servers. The performance compared to tracker has been a lot
> better because of the improved way one can query data. Tracker is
> slated to support Xesam in the next major release. Furthermore the
> indexing performance has been improved a lot and a dialog has been
> added to the tray to monitor the progress.
> Please use the newly created mailing list[3] for reporting
> feedback/bugs/wishes. Thanks!
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:

Sweet! And gongrats.

Be sure to post any problems you have on the Xesam side of things to
this list (as you have already done in the past), so that we can
resolve them asap.


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