Re: Problems with beagle-0.3.1 with .htm- files

> > This is a problem in recognizing mimetypes of the files. Beagle uses
> > spec shared-mime-info and implementation xdgmime to
> > determine the type of a file. In this case, shared-mime-info diagnosed
> > those files are mozilla-bookmark files. Mozilla-bookmark files have a
> > slightly different structure, so beagle does not index them. :(
> Thanks for the explanation. However I am not sure why mime detection fails.
> The head of the file looks like this:

I completely forgot that I myself commented on the bug
for this :(
You are facing this problem,

Some distros patched their shared-mime-info to fix this and later it
was probably fixed upstream.

The xdg-mime executable doesnt directly use shared-mime-info in the
recommended way, it does something with kfile on kde and gnomevfs-info
on gnome (dont remember fully, but it does not follow the usual

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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