Problems with beagle-0.3.1 with .htm- files


I am running beagle 0.3.1 (compiled manually) on a openSuSE 10.3 system. I 
have a directory that contains the online articles of a german computer 
magazine named "ct".  The files contained are mostly named ".htm" and contain 
plain html text.

When I try to index the "ct"  directory with beagle it complains with the 
following error message in file current-IndexHelper:

20080104 09:49:03.9370 17841 IndexH DEBUG: No filter for 

The contents of all these .htm files are not indexed and logically I cannot 
search the archive using beagle.

Any idea how I could solve this problem and get the .htm indexed?

Rainer Krienke, Uni Koblenz, Rechenzentrum, A22, Universitaetsstrasse  1
56070 Koblenz,, Tel: +49261287 1312
PGP:,Fax: +49261287 1001312

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