beagle-search TO-DO

Hey folks,
  Here are some ideas to make beagle-search shine better in 2008. Take
your pick.

* Show a drop-down hardcoded list of search categories. While testing
I noticed there are now too many search sources managed by beagle and
searching for something is returning different kinds of data - from
documents, emails, manpages, documentations, applications, browsing
history, IM, ... <more> Its justs feels so cluttered.

More often than not I seem to know what kind of data I am looking for.
Searching for something and then selecting the display category seems
a round about way - I think there should be a direct way to say
"search beagle settings in IM". A drop-down is one way of doing that.

* Show the current indexing status in the tooltip of the tray-icon.
Or/And in beagle-search as well. When beagled is indexing, indicate it
by flashing/visually-modifying the tray-icon. BeagleClient API is for
both is long there - integration left to be done.

* Display the number of items in the index in a beagle-search, maybe
as a Page linked from Help->"Beagle Index" (the welcome page, result
pages, error page are all different kinds of Page). API support is
long present.

* Provide a "Remove"/[X] butting (maybe on hover) for each result
which will remove the item from the index. API support is long
present. See the MasterDelete.cs source for 10 line implementation.

* Show results from Empathy backend.

* An advanced search Page presenting user a hardcoded list of
properties, like author, title, email sender, music genre etc. and
users can search for something in the properties.

* Allowing users to select date range for searching. Are the standard
Gtk calendar controls that can be used ?

* General polish to dynamically add/remove results as the search
window is resized. Currently if the size increases, the result tiles
are padded with whitespace making the display look very sparse.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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