daemonless beagle

	I added a tool "beagle-static-query" to query beagle index _without_ beagled. 	

	It is really meant to be used with static-indexes i.e now you can use 
beagle-build-index from a cron-job and beagle-static-query to query beagle 
(like updatedb/locate). It can still be used with any backend except you wont 
get live-query and latest changes (since beagled is not running, only the 
last built indexes are queried).
	beagle-static-query accepts arguments from beagled (regarding specying 
backends like "--backend" and "--add-static-backend") and from beagle-query. 
The query syntax is same as beagle-query (for some reason snippet support is 
not working right now, I will fix it later). If no backend is specified 
by "--backend" all backends enabled in the config will be queried. 
Use "--backend none" to disable querying all enabled backends.

	Some examples:
$ beagle-static-query --backend applications --verbose konqueror
$ beagle-static-query --backend Files FileAttributesStore
$ beagle-static-query --add-static-backend /path/to/personal/index --backend 
none kconfig

Enjoy !

- dBera

PS: This tool is lacking a manpage. If someone could write one, I will add it 
to svn trunk. Thanks.

PPS: There is really no magic here. Internally, the tool starts a minimal 
beagled, queries it directly instead of using BeagleClient API and then stops 
it. The surprising thing is that it is fast to do so.

Debajyoti Bera @ http://dtecht.blogspot.com
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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