Re: Beagle Patch for BibTex Filter

Hi Paras,

> I have created a Beagle patch for BibTex Filter as a part of the event
> FOSSKRITI held at IIT - Kanpur from February 14 -  17, 2008. Please have a
> look at it and I hope that it will be added to Beagle.

That was a good effort. It needs a little more work, I am explaining below.

Ideally, one bibtex file should generate several child-indexables -
one for each bibtex entry (see archive filter or email filter ... or
ask me). Unlike tex files, a bibtex file is not text mostly text
content but has a lot of properties; it will be a waste to loose those
valuable properties. So instead I propose to create a child-indexable
for each bibtex entry, where each child-indexable would set the
various properties like "author", "conference name", "year", "title"

For that, a good first step will be to modify the current filter to
not "AppendText" but create a property [1] with a suitable name [2]
and a value for each name:value pair in each bibtex entry. Just add
all the properties from a bibtex file for now; once this is done, it
would be trivial to take it and make it generate one new indexable for
each bibtex entry.

Bibtex files are extremely metadata rich documents... its exciting
that finally we are going to have a bibtex filter :-)

- dBera

[1] See
[2] Use property names matching the other filters e.g. for title use
dc:title. You "fixme:xxx" for the rest.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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