Re: Getting started with beagle


On Feb 13, 2008 11:43 AM, Dirk Uys <dirkcuys gmail com> wrote:
> Other that the TODO list, is there any filters/backends in need of attension?

Yikes, the TODO list is pretty out of date these days. :)

dBera recently posted to the list about two backends that need some
work: Liferea (an RSS reader for GNOME) and Akregator (an RSS reader
for KDE).  Both went from storing their feed data as XML to
(different) database formats.  You can find some more info in bugzilla
or in the mailing list archives.  In particular, the Liferea guy seems
pretty open to the idea.

It's never sexy, but we always need better test harnesses.  There is
some code in Bludgeon that can be reused, and I'd love to see a
harness where we can build a directory structure, index it, and run
some automated queries against it.

Bigger tasks are that the file system backend should probably be
rewritten.  I've written about that in the past, but it's definitely
not a "first project" task to take on.

Those are kind of the "big things" -- there are always bugs and
feature requests in bugzilla.


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