Re: Getting started with beagle

Thanks for all the responses. I used Enrico's project files for
XDevelop to open the solution in Monodevelop. XDevelop doesn't look
bad, but it eats away 700+ MB memory when it's running which is a
problem since that's almost twice the amount of memory in my pc. The
other problem is the $500 license fee.

I've never been too keen on any IDEs build system, but I'll look into
the option of making the source tree playing better with Monodevelop.

Other that the TODO list, is there any filters/backends in need of attension?


On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 6:26 PM, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
>  On Feb 10, 2008 4:35 PM, Dirk Uys <dirkcuys gmail com> wrote:
>  > I've been keeping a close eye on the beagle project for the last few
>  > months or so and I want to play around with the project.
>  > Is there a nice IDE to use? I know about monodevelop, but I don't know
>  > if that's the best route to go? Can someone please give some advice as
>  > where to start and what to use.
>  Personally, I use emacs for editing source and make to compile it.  I
>  tend to run Beagle out of the source tree by hand.  But I am an old
>  fart.
>  I know that some other people do use Monodevelop to do source hacking,
>  but I think they still use make to build it.  Because Beagle predates
>  Monodevelop our source tree and library installation doesn't match up
>  naturally, and so you have to do some work to get it to do all the
>  autocompletion, etc.  There's no reason why it *has* to, though, and
>  I'm open to changing it.  If you've played around with Monodevelop and
>  like it quite a bit, a good way to get started would be to set it up
>  so that you can do development in it.  That'll give you an idea of the
>  different libraries, how they work together, and how the source code
>  is organized.
>  Joe

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