Re: Beagle Properties


On Jan 12, 2008 5:31 PM, Lukas Lipka <lukaslipka gmail com> wrote:
> Voila, my ongoing effort is almost finished.
> There is still a small amount of stuff that needs to be finished before
> we can fire off this event. Stay tuned.

Changing these properties is pretty dangerous, because we will
effectively be changing a string API.  That means that apps that use
Beagle will still compile, but they will silently break when their old
string mappings don't line up to the new ones.  So I think it is
important for us to take the initiative ourselves to fix the
applications and add-on backends and filters that use Beagle.

I think it would be helpful to collect a list of these on the wiki
page and have it be a core part of this work.


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