ANNOUNCE: Beagle 0.3.7

  This is the third release within a week. Thanks to Mirco (meebey)
Bauer, we figured out the reason behind beagled crashing but not quite
aborting leading to hangs in all kinds of applications trying to
connect to beagled. We have added a workaround in this release.

It is highly recommended to update to 0.3.7 or backport r4730 to any
of the earlier 0.3.x releases. We also recommend disabling the
EvolutionDataServer backend if you are facing crashes in beagled.

To download the 0.3.6 release or learn more about Beagle, visit
the Beagle web page:

Beagle is a Linux desktop-independent service which transparently and
unobtrusively indexes your data in real-time.  For example:

* Files are immediately indexed when they are created, are re-indexed
 when they are modified, and are dropped from the index upon deletion.
* E-mails are indexed upon arrival.
* IM conversations are indexed as you chat, a line at a time.
* Web pages are indexed as you view them (with a browser extension).
* Notes and address-book entries are indexed as they are created.

Beagle supports many different data sources and file formats.  For a
complete listing, visit:

Beagle uses the Lucene indexing system from the Apache project and the
prodigious Doug Cutting, ported to .NET by George Aroush.

Beagle includes an optional GNOME-based graphical tool for searching
its indexes. Also included is an experimental web based search interface.

To learn more about Beagle, visit:

NOTABLE CHANGES between 0.3.6 and 0.3.7

* Work around a mono feature/bug [1] where mono might hang trying to get a gdb
  backtrace in the event of a native library segmentation fault. This is
  specially important for the evolution-sharp bug [2] due to which beagled might
  crash when the EvolutionDataServer backend is enabled. For some users, the
  crash resulted in a non-functional but hanged beagled that in turn hanged
  programs trying to contact beagled like gtkfilechooser.

* Translations:
 - Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)

Full set of changes:

- dBera


Debajyoti Bera @

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