Advisory: beagle-search, gtkfilechooser hangs; beagled does not respond and refuses to be killed

Problem: For some users using the evolution-data-server backend,
beagled might stop responding. This will cause beagle-search and other
apps talking to beagle like gtkfilechooser or nautilus to also hang
:-( The obvious symptom is 'begale-ping' will not return. beagled can
only be killed with 'kill -9'.

Bugs: (beagle)
depends on
(evolution-sharp) and

Workaround: Disable the evolution-data-server backend till the
evolution-sharp bug is fixed.

Explanation: See the bug reports for details. In short, a C library of
evolution-sharp crashes. This would generally result in beagled
crashing and aborting which is bad but at least won't hang programs
trying to connect to beagled. However, mono tries to print a debug
stacktrace when beagled crashes and then itself hangs (amusing :P).

We are trying to work around the mono problem i.e. we will let beagled
'safely crash'. We are also trying to make libbeagle robust against
such hanged beagled; it already tries to connect to beagled in a
non-blocking mode but still faces the problem so it definitely needs
some more work.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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