Re: need help with testing: GMail live search (available in svn trunk)

> I think you could even go one simpler and ask (a) if it's a google
> apps account and (b) if so, what is the domain name.

The "domain name" in 23877 dbera web gmail com
would be "" or "";. What I am 
asking is that is there is a notion of "domain name" for Google Apps that any 
google app user is supposed to know. And that I can safely add it to the end 
of ""; to create the URL ("safely" - based on your 

> >  > Yeah, it's pretty slow.  It seems like we could cache the headers for
> >  > certain IDs though?  So at least largely overlapping services would be
> >  > a bit quicker.
> >
> >  Could you elaborate on this one ? Which IDs to cache ? Is this something
> >  specific to Google Apps ?
> There are log messages to the effect of "Downloading headers for
> message ID 21".  What I was suggesting was that if those IDs are
> stable, we could cache the headers locally so that we didn't have to
> download them again.  I don't know anything about xemail-net, so I
> don't know if that is a possibility.

I am not too keen on this one - these are IMAP IDs which could change between 
searches (if messages are deleted, moved or who knows on what other IMAP 
protocol). Furthermore, with caching comes all kind of messy details like how 
long to cache, how to synchronize cache, where to store the cache, could we 
store the cache on the disk across beagle searches, could we prefetch all 
headers ... etc. It a whole new game.

Of course if anyone is interested, please go ahead. It would give a nice boost 
to performance and I would definitely like to see how it performs :-).

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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