Re: need help with testing: GMail live search (available in svn trunk)

Hi Joe,

> >  >         I wanted to see how a live GMail search "backend" will work so
> >  > here is one. It just queries GMail IMAP server directly for searching.
> >  > I need some help
> >
> >  I checked this in. For instructions, see
> >
> I use a Google Apps account, and was pleasantly surprised that my
> username and password just worked for the IMAP interface.  However,
> the search results don't.  I am getting URLs like:
> 23877 dbera web gmail com
> but for my apps account, they should be:

Now that you point out that gmail and google app uses different URLs, some 
configuration seems required. I guess the "a" points to "app". Does not 
matter though, since it will be tough to cover all cases.

Instead how about a config option GMailSearchOpenURL with 
default ""; and can be replaced by 
whatever the user wants.

%s will be replaced by the message-id. Using the message id to simulate a 
search is really a hack though, I just hope that works everytime. I did not 
find any better way to tell gmail to open a particular email.

> >  There were only some minor changes from the test dlls. Use
> >  --enable-googlebackends during configure to build this. Its disabled
> >  by default since its not too exciting (to me) and is not that fast :-(
> >  (I mean querying over IMAP and then getting the headers of the matched
> >  results is pretty slow).
> Yeah, it's pretty slow.  It seems like we could cache the headers for
> certain IDs though?  So at least largely overlapping services would be
> a bit quicker.

Could you elaborate on this one ? Which IDs to cache ? Is this something 
specific to Google Apps ?

My KMail fetches entire emails faster than xemail-net is fetching headers. 
Well, KMail probably fetches them in large batches (in IMAP, you can ask for 
headers for [a,b] for all messages with id a to b; in the google backend we 
do [a,a]). But I still feel that xemail-net needs improvement; a better .Net 
IMAP library should do better.

xemail-net anyway needs improvement. It is buggy and I didnot like its IMAP 
implementation. I was surprised it worked for searching. Unfortunately it 
seems to be unmaintained :-/ (Joe, no jokes please :)

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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