Re: ITagProvider

Will do either tonight or sometime this weekend, I'm going to look
into one of the new subversion merge tracking tools, since DSCM has
spoiled me rotten and I like free merges.

A few questions open to  the community:
1) I'm working from a very basic core idea of a 'tag' simply being a
string associated with a uri, I know tags can be way more, but I want
our base ITagProvider to be generic enough for simple systems. How do
people feel about this?

2) What other tagging implementations (beyond leaftag) has anyone seen
for the open source desktop?

3) What (if any) are the more advanced features that people might want
in a tagging api, off the top of my head:
 * Tag Descriptions/Icons
 * Parent and Child Tags
 * 'hidden' or unsearched tags
anything else?

Its important to realize that my focus is not on the implementation of
a backend to store this information, but to provide a generic way for
us to include 'tag' information from a variety of sources.

Also if anyone knows of a smart way to take a bunch of
internally-mapped Uri's and merge them with the existing result sets,
I'm still getting some frustration on that point, while I've figured
out the functional steps that the bitarray's serve (as in where to put
one when I want to search an index etc) once I've run the query to
fill/populate it, I'm not really sure of what I can do with a
LuceneBitArray or BetterBitArray. Anyways, I'm sure I'll eventually
get it, but help would save some painful slow debugging time.

Kevin Kubasik

On 9/28/07, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> > Since some people are far too lazy to use patches (or are just that
> > cool ;) ) theres a bzr branch here:
> >
> Thanks for getting started on this.
> I was going to mention using a branch for adding these changes when I saw this
> mail. Can we get this branch in gnome-svn ? Its a bit tedious working with
> different repos. If possible make a new beagle-tagging-branch in svn and make
> it your playground.
> Thanks,
> - dBera
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Kevin Kubasik

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