Help request: forgetful beagle (debian etch, large homedir)


I have beagle running on my system, but when I try to find sth. via
beagle-search many results are missing. But when I "touch" a file which
matches my query, it suddenly appears in the result list.

So it seems beagle forgets files / file contents it has indexed
previously. Is this a know effect under some circumstances ? Does
the index have an implicit size limit ? Or is my beagle just too old ?

Details about my system:
- debian etch, with beagle from debian etch (0.2.12-1+b1)
- large homedirectory, with ~500000 files in 100000 dirs;
  inotify max_user_watches increased to 110000
- beagled started via
  BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG=1 nice -n 19 beagled
  as normal run would take way too long for initial crawl
  (crawl takes more than an hour anyway)
- drive mounted with noatime,user_xattr

For test, I cleared my .beagle directory and reran beagled.
Then I started beagle search with a certain query. As time went by (~6
hours needed), I got 2 Directories, 2 Images and 99 Documents.
Then Beagles crawl&indexing was ready. Then I restarted my query (just
hit enter again in the query-field). Now I only got 5 results, maybe the
5 newest files. Where have all the other hits gone ?


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