Re: beagle-search 0.2.18 segfault


On 9/6/07, Frederik Himpe <fhimpe telenet be> wrote:
> Program received signal SIG35, Real-time event 35.

Hmm, looks like you'll also have to add:

    handle SIG35 nostop noprint

to gdb before you run "continue".  We're looking for SIGSEGV.

Also, because Beagle is multi-threaded, we need the backtraces for all
the threads: "thread apply all bt" rather than just "bt"

> I am not sure if it would help installing certain debug packages,

Probably not, since most of this code is autogenerated by Mono.  What
probably would be useful though is the following code.  It should
print out a Mono stack trace to the console from which you ran
beagle-search (not the gdb console):

define mono_stack
 set $mono_thread = mono_thread_current ()
 if ($mono_thread == 0x00)
   printf "No mono thread associated with this thread\n"
   set $ucp = malloc (4096)
   call (void) getcontext ($ucp)
   call (void) mono_print_thread_dump ($ucp)
   call (void) free ($ucp)

Then from the gdb prompt you can run "mono_stack".


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