Re: beagle-search 0.2.18 segfault


On 9/3/07, Frederik Himpe <fhimpe telenet be> wrote:
> Well, I am pretty sure I did not upgrade beagle that day. Anyway, I cannot
> reproduce this segfault anymore: now it works fine.

Hrm, odd.

> But now I see another problem: it segfaults when closing beagle-search.
> There's not much information at the console however:
> [frederik Anastacia media_info]$ beagle-search
> (search:11774): Gnome-WARNING **: Accessibility: failed to find module
> 'libgail-gnome' which is needed to make this application accessible
> Debug: Loading Beagle.Util.Conf+IndexingConfig from indexing.xml
> Debug: Loading Beagle.Util.Conf+DaemonConfig from daemon.xml
> Debug: Loading Beagle.Util.Conf+SearchingConfig from searching.xml
> Segmentation fault

Can you run beagle-search, and then attach gdb to it afterward?  For
example, in another terminal run something like:

    gdb --pid=`pidof beagle-search`

Then when you get the gdb console, run these three commands:

    handle SIGPWR nostop noprint
    handle SIGXCPU nostop noprint
    handle SIG33 nostop noprint

And then run "continue"; when you exit, it should hopefully print out
something about SIGSEGV.  When that happens, run "thread apply all bt"
and attach the output.


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