RE: Reviving Semantic Relationships in Beagle


This does sound very exciting. I have been following the development of
Beagle for years, so a proposal to add RDF relationships is welcomed. 

I have a keen interest in the Semantic Web and specifically RDF. I will be
attending the International Semantic Web Conference next week so you can see
how much I believe in the stuff :)

I am following the RDFa W3C discussions as well and am about to join the
group. This is another area that an RDFized Beagle could jump on. 

Are you aware of the Aperture project [1]? They have developed a crawler and
RDF extractor that crawls the filesystem as well as the web. Very
comprehensive system. I believe this project could utilise aspects of the
Aperture system. Beagle already does the crawling so you could use the
getRDFContainer method (which just takes a URI) and spits out an RDF model.

You can then use this RDF model in whatever way you would want inside of

I am happy to help, let me know what you think and what (if anything) you
would like me to do.


David Peterson

[1] Aperture - a Java framework for getting data and metadata

Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Hey!
> Its awesome to see interest in this. I hope to bring it up past just
> theory into something real ( there have been so many 'proof of
> concept' applications, but limited actually working implementations
> with real honest data. Anyways, there is always a need for manpower, I
> gathered from your signature that your a CompE student, we can always
> use the help, the actual implementation details are still a little
> sketchy, but we know what we need to do, if you wanna get involved in
> helping with our implementation, let us know!
> On 10/27/07, Roberto Marino <formica messinalug org> wrote:
> > I'm very interested on this topic. I guess that organize metadata in
> a
> > RDF document is a good idea.
> We should note that the data would not actually be stored in a 'real'
> RDF document, but we would be emulating one and storing the data in
> our lucene indexes, but the results would appear the same.
> > But, in my opinion, the best improvement
> > would be to arrange beagle metadata in a OWL ontology.
> I'm sorry, most of us are pretty new to the whole RDF terminology
> thing, I've heard of ontology, but OWL?
> > In this way, metadata could populate a Knowledge Base of system.
> > Clearly, this involve a preexisting OWL rules.
> > The challenge, for me, is to build a GUI that easily allow
> Description
> > Logic search.
> Building on before, I'm a little lost by what your getting at here,
> could you explain in a little more detail, or give an example? Thanks!
> >
> > Regards.
> > Roberto
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