Re: Reviving Semantic Relationships in Beagle


Its awesome to see interest in this. I hope to bring it up past just
theory into something real ( there have been so many 'proof of
concept' applications, but limited actually working implementations
with real honest data. Anyways, there is always a need for manpower, I
gathered from your signature that your a CompE student, we can always
use the help, the actual implementation details are still a little
sketchy, but we know what we need to do, if you wanna get involved in
helping with our implementation, let us know!

On 10/27/07, Roberto Marino <formica messinalug org> wrote:
> I'm very interested on this topic. I guess that organize metadata in a
> RDF document is a good idea.
We should note that the data would not actually be stored in a 'real'
RDF document, but we would be emulating one and storing the data in
our lucene indexes, but the results would appear the same.

> But, in my opinion, the best improvement
> would be to arrange beagle metadata in a OWL ontology.
I'm sorry, most of us are pretty new to the whole RDF terminology
thing, I've heard of ontology, but OWL?
> In this way, metadata could populate a Knowledge Base of system.
> Clearly, this involve a preexisting OWL rules.
> The challenge, for me, is to build a GUI that easily allow Description
> Logic search.

Building on before, I'm a little lost by what your getting at here,
could you explain in a little more detail, or give an example? Thanks!
> Regards.
> Roberto
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