Re: GSoC Weekly Report

> > A followup question, I didnot find any API documentation of
> > Mono.Data.Sqlite :( #mono was also sleeping when I asked the question
> > there.
> My understanding is that both M.D.SqliteClient and M.D.Sqlite follow
> the general ADO.Net API patterns and that the latter is more or less a
> drop-in replacement for the former.  A few things may need to be
> tweaked, but in general just changing the "using" statements at the
> top of each source file should be all that's needed.

I was more looking for some method for row-by-row retrieval, on demand. Real 
on-demand, where the implementation does not retrieve all the rows at once 
but returns one by one.

> You've always been able to get rows on demand via ADO.Net, it's just a
> matter of the implementation underneath.  The old one (not modified by
> us) would load all of them into memory.  I'm not sure how the new one
> performs memory-wise.  If the Mono guys don't have any idea, the right

I checked the source out of curiousity
And the code for DataReader looks exactly the same (didnt do a diff, just 
visually) as the one in Mono.Data.SqliteClient. So even if we migrate (the 
migration would be easy), we still have to ship with a modified inhouse 
M.D.Sqlite and keep syncing in with upstream. *sigh*

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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