Re: Best way of using Beagle to index data CDs

On 10/17/07, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
> The basic principle of a static index for a CD isn't out of the
> ballpark, the plan for handling removable drives is pretty much just
> that (although eventually we might want to integrate the indexes to
> save space/query time) While hundreds of static indexes will defiantly
> impact query time, it shouldn't be prohibitive.


> The API for user-customizable attributes exisits, we need to do some
> more integration for this kind of thing, I'm not sure how the static
> indexer will handle it, but you could try using nautilus emblems (the
> main FSQ indexes them) or the other option is to name your static
> indexes and just work off of that, I don't think we do alot with what
> static index something came from in beagle-search, but beagle-query
> --verbose should reveal the static index that a hit came from. (I
> think, if not it would be trivial addition to allow the user to define
> a 'name' for the static index and map a property to that)

Yes, it does name it with --verbose.  I guess it shouldn't be
impossible to add attributes to stuff in an index in the future.  I'll
probably just live use the index name for now.
There's also the --tag switch, which one could use for this, I
suppose.  However, it's not searched.

Finally, one option is to create my own version of BuildIndex.cs that
adds the attribute I desire.


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