Re: Zotero index?

I had looked into indexing freemind information quite some time ago,
It shouldn't be difficult at all, the real think to determine is what
metadata etc. to extract, just getting the text is quite easy.

As for Zotero,
1) I love the idea of the extension, its very probable/possible that I
will install it and start to use

2) Like dBera said, sqlite is tough, however, I love the idea of
having access to such a rich treasure trove of document metadata (I'm
having a bit of a metadata-fetish at the moment). Anyways, the trick
im trying to figure out is the same database crud we always hit. The
worse part is I thought about trying to hack up a modified sqlite lib
that we could listen on a socket for change events or something, but
most people ship their own linked version sqlite, so that doesn't
work. However, it might be sane enough to just queue up modification
events for existing items we read from the db, and hit new ones with
new indexables, might increase performance over the traditional 'spam
the indexer' system. Dunno.

Anwywas, I love the ideas, if you could make a point of getting
enhancement bugs for both of these in bugzilla so we don't lose them
in the general feature slew already in 3.0 (once we get that out the
door) they are great features (i think).

On 10/12/07, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > Zotero is a truly excellent bibliography management extension for
> > Firefox 2.0 that also has an OOo extension for putting bibliographies
> > and references into Writer documents. Zotero uses the Firefox sqlite
> > implementation. More info here:
> >
> >
> >
> > Right now, it's possible to add the Zotero storage directory to Beagle
> > so that attached pdfs and other documents can be indexed and searched.
> > I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a backend to index the
> > Zotero database, as well, for bibliography entries and notes.
> >
> > Also, would it be possible to index Freemind xml files?
> >
> > Maybe a prerequisite here would be that Freemind files have a unique
> > mime-type. At present they use .mm.
> I havent heard about Freemind or Zotero, but from your description, it
> should be possible to index the freemind xml files (you mean extension
> .mm) using a Filter and write a backend for Zotero. Information from
> sqlite database is generally not very helpful but this is a general
> statement. It might be possible to write a backend depending on how
> the information is stored. There are docs available in
> explaining what are filters and
> backends and how to write them. Feel free to ask for detailed help if
> you need.
> Good luck,
> - dBera
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