Zotero index?


Would it be possible to have a beagle backend for Zotero bibliography
entries and notes?

Zotero is a truly excellent bibliography management extension for
Firefox 2.0 that also has an OOo extension for putting bibliographies
and references into Writer documents. Zotero uses the Firefox sqlite
implementation. More info here:

Right now, it's possible to add the Zotero storage directory to Beagle
so that attached pdfs and other documents can be indexed and searched.
I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a backend to index the
Zotero database, as well, for bibliography entries and notes.

Also, would it be possible to index Freemind xml files?
Maybe a prerequisite here would be that Freemind files have a unique
mime-type. At present they use .mm.

sybille, a grateful and happy Beagle/Gnome/Gentoo user who's willing to
try to learn how to help

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