Re: beagle (indexing)

If someone could also include their akregator directory in a personal
e-mail, I might look into doing it later, but nothing soon... the key
is datetime stamps in the db, otherwise db's are more or less
impossible to index. If someone doesn't wanna send their feeds, all im
really curious about is the db schemea, to see if its possible.

On 10/12/07, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > > You have one of the recent versions of Akregator which stores its data
> > > in a database not suitable for indexing. Beagle does not index the RSS
> > > feeds from these versions.
> > okay, running kubuntu 7.10
> > will beagle be updated, to include this in the future,
> > or is a dead and gone for  Akregator.
> If someone submits a patch to make beagle work with the recent
> Akregator, then beagle will include the feature. Otherwise no.
> > note:
> > I would like to see full meta tag from .flac or .ogg and mp3 files being
> > display, when searching for a song.
> Please file a feature request in the bugzilla.
> - dBera
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