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On 10/2/07, Debajyoti Bera  wrote:
> Hi "Searcher"s,
>         Some of you are aware that a web interface for beagle is being worked on. I
> blogged about it in planetbeagle sometime back. After that, a "fearless"
> Nirbheek Chauhan continued hacking on it and managed to change
> to

To be fair, the ui was 3/4th done when I started hacking on it :)

> To get it running, you need the svn trunk. Get it, build it. Then (*) cd to
> beagle/beagled and start beagled as "./beagled ...". Yes, beagled needs to be
> started from beagle/beagled directory. Point your browser (oops... Firefox
> browser) to (**) and enjoy your stay.

Hey... you forgot to tell them everything :P

The backend must be enabled by making
"NetworkingConfig:service_enabled" true in Util/Conf.cs
Or you can apply the attached patch to enable it.

Then, when you call beagled from inside "beagle/beagled", call it with
`beagled --backend +NetworkServices`

> Please, some feedback is necessary. At least say you hate e.g. the stupid way
> the "last modified" is shown.

I hate it too! Also, we need pink ponies! Lots of them!!~

- --
~Nirbheek Chauhan

PS: dBera, sorry for the double reply, I forgot to reply-to-all the
first time :)
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