Re: beagle r4011 - in trunk/beagle: beagled beagled/IndexingServiceQueryable search/Tiles

On 10/2/07, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > Add the following context menu options:
> > -Find By Author
> > -Find Messages From Sender
> > -Find Pages From Domain
> >
> > to the relivent tiles in beagle-search
> Some quick observations:
> - The propertykeyword mapping is specific to IndexingServiceQueryable,
> so it should be added to IndexingServiceQueryable.cs itself (see
> FileSystemQueryable/FileSystemQueryable.cs, just after the namespace
> declaration, to see how backends can define their own mapping)
Done, checked in
> - I am not sure starting a _new_ beagle-search is a good idea. It
> should search in that same one. I dont use that UI much (actually,
> never) so you might want to get some feedback about this.
I'm inclined to use this manor, as I don't like beagle-search losing
my old search, although its pretty trivial to use one or the other,
whatever the consensus on the list is will be my course of action.
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Kevin Kubasik

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