Working With Conduit

Hey Guys

Was just speaking to kkubasik on #tomboy about scope for work between conduit [1] and beagle.

To cut a long e-mail short: Conduit syncs things in both directions. Data thing goes in, data thing comes out. So we have a growing range of plugins for different applications, web services and devices. My idea is: If we get data out, why can't we fire it to beagle too. Kill two birds with one stone.

My plan originally involved lots of crusty bits, but kkubasik tells me there by some nice python bindings :-)

So two approaches are immediately apparent.

Put something in conduit to poke the beagle python bindings. This needs some thinking about, don't want it to be monolithically soldered to conduit.. but it does make it nice and easy to fire object relationship hints at beagle too..

We are also talking about a refactor so that there is a "conduitlib" that python apps can import to get direct access to our data plugins. We hope Gimmie can use this in a similar way (they need to get data out too). I'd also hoped the online desktop people would use our webservice plugins too.

Thoughts on how this could be moved forward would be appreciated, or even requests that it be banished to idea hell :-).



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