Re: Open Mails with Thunderbird does not work

In the pending 0.3 release of beagle, I beleive that the new
thunderbird extension overhauls the opening code. Once we release
that, please try it and let us know if this still exists!

On Nov 14, 2007 10:26 AM, Paul Wellner Bou <paul purecodes org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you. Yes, that was the point. I supposed that beagle uses the
> system (gnome, debian) wide configuration of mail and browser path. I
> think it should if this configuration exists. On the other hand... no,
> it can't use it because its possible that the mail program defined there
> is any other than thunderbird. So everything ok. I made symlinks in
> /usr/local/bin now.
> Another question regarding this issue, well, two questions.
> - There is no way to open any attachments found by beagle? Or at least
> open the mail the attachment is stored in?
> - Is it possible to open the selected mail without changing the mail in
> the preview pane? At the moment it opens the mail twice: in the preview
> pane and in a new window.
> Thank you and regards
> Paul.
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Kevin Kubasik

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