Re: PowerTop discourages beagle


On 5/18/07, Pat Double <pat patdouble com> wrote:
The PowerTop program ( helps find what is using
the most power on a machine. Out of the possible suggestions, beagle is the
only app to be recommended for removal by the tool itself. The remaining are
kernel. That doesn't seem very fair, does it?

Yeah, I noticed that too.  Especially seeing as there are other likely
culprits listed in their FAQ, like gnome-power-manager, pidgin/gaim,
and evolution:

I guess we're easy to pick on, though.

The actual indexing process on battery isn't too interesting because
it *will* substantially impact battery life with its constant reading
and writing of data.  What would be more interesting to know is what
the impact of Beagle on the system is when indexing is disabled
because of battery power.  (And perhaps we should make that the


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