Re: beagle occasionally loses all the file backend index


It happened again today (exactly 7 days since the last
time, I should replace occasionally with regularly in
the title!). Beagle indexed everything (about 65k
files this time), optimized the index at about 22:00,
all helpers shut down due to inactivity normally
("Index helper process shut down cleanly") and then at
00:35 the index was purged ("Found a dangling index
lock" and  "Purging
/home/petros/.beagle/Indexes/FileSystemIndex")! I
checked the previous indexhelper log for any file
problems and no file backend indexable file was
indexed at all (the +-file: lines that D. Bera asked
me to check)! At the end of the file appears the line
"Index helper process shut down cleanly" at 23:54. The
same line appears in the 3 previous files I checked,
all of them having been created today without a beagle
shutdown intervening. All the file: records in the
last file are about e-mails in the standard kde

The textcache remained consuming ~300 MB. Also, the
message "Inotify queue overflow!" appeared at 01:10 
after the index was deleted, and no hung processes
appeared (there is a 
"Launching helper process
IndexHelper PID is 17167
Found IndexHelper (17167) in 2.52s
Opening bookmark file:
Caught ResponseMessageException: Connection refused"
in the logs yet no such process exists (i.e. not

Any ideas?

Kind regards.

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