Re: Disable Beagle-Startup


On 3/22/07, Andreas Heinz <dashboard a80 net> wrote:
The files in .config where removed too, so there should be no point with
kde not respecting a gnome variable. Is there any other location beagle
could be started from?

There are desktop-specific autostart directories.  Basically I would
look for something like *beagle*.desktop anywhere on your system, and
see if there is anything obviously in an autostart location.  If only
we had some sort of search system for this. ;)

Hope someone has an idea where beagle could be started from,

The only other thing I can think of is that you could strace your
login process and watch the fork() and execve() calls to see what is
launching it.

If you really want to just keep it from being started, edit the
beagled shell script to just immediately "exit 0".


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