Re: Problem with LVM2 partition under Edgy

Hello again pat,

I looked at the logs and I can answer some questions.

> Some questions:
> 1. Are you using inotify (check ~/.beagle/Logs/current-Beagle)
> 2. Are you using extended attributes? (check same file)

>From what the log says it is using extended attributes and inotify.

"070216 1121501707 05970 Beagle  WARN: Extended attributes are not
supported on this filesystem.  Performance will suffer as a result."

"070216 1123523921 05970 Beagle DEBUG: Stopping inotify threads"

Now I really don't know the difference between them and I will research

> 3. What filesystem is on /home? ext3, reiserfs, ...

Like I said, my "/home" partition is an LVM2 Volume which contains 3
ext3 physical  extends which are (2 partitions(40GB,100GB) and 1
disk(350GB) both are sata).

> 4. Which kernel version?

unmae -r = 2.6.17-11-generic

> Here are some things to try.
> I. Attempt to get the logs saved on disk using the SysReq commands. This must 
> be enabled in the kernel config under kernel hacking.
> 	1. SysReq - S to sync disks
> 	2. SysReq - U to remount partitions read-only
> 	3. SysReq - R reboot
> 	4. Check in both beagle logs and kernel logs.
> II. Use netconsole to get important kernel messages at the time of freeze. 
> This sends the kernel messages over the network where another computer can 
> log them.
> 	1. Configure netconsole in the kernel, 
> see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/netconsole.txt for instructions.
> 	2. Install cancd on another machine to get the logs.
> 	3. You probably need an ethernet card (not wireless) to do this. Not sure, 
> others may know.
> III. Disable features to isolate the problem. I expect the kernel features 
> would be suspect:
> 	1. Disable both inotify and extended attributes (anyone how to do this in 
> beagle?)
> 	2. Run with only inotify.
> 	3. Run with only extended attributes.

I will also like know how I can do this. But I will research.

> Out of curiousity, why 2 partitions and 1 disk ?

How this arrangement came about is a long story, it happened during my
Windowz switch.


Best Regards,

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