Beagle+Xesam: Weekly Report

Hello again,
This week I've achieved the unlikely feat of figuring out how to use
XPathNavigator to work with XML documents. The result is that I have a
parser for the Xesam Query Language that mostly handles the sample
queries that come with the xesam-tools package. I need to list of
fields from the metadata spec (yet to be completed) to translate
between Xesam fields and Beagle-supported properties.

More importantly, I need to figure out how grouping is done for Beagle
searches. Specificaly, what is the correct way to express the

( ( title:"ugly duckling" AND -author:"andersen" AND file-size:2048
AND mimetype:"application/pdf" ) OR author:"carl barks" )

[That's the output from my parser when given, by the

The next week will see the continuation of the parser, as well as
finishing some nitty-gritties from the spec (w.r.t. supporting the
various session properties)

Arun Raghavan

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