Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

This week has been quite productive. I've finally written some code and all preparations made it a breeze and saved a lot of time too. To summarize, this is what I've done since last time:
* Implemented the INI file parser
* Both DefaultTracker and InotifyTracker are now implemented but need some more testing
* Made some changes to the ModuleLoader to fit better with beagle and also changed it to use Type-objects instead of active objects (renamed to ModuleTypeLoader as well)
* Added a new FileReader to make sequential reading a lot easer
* Most utility classes are now implemented (except for RangeList)
* Examples are updated and a new "Utilities example" have been added
* Other minor changes

Goals for next week:
* Implemented the last tracker (CollectorTracker) and test all trackers much more
* Implement the RangeList to mark the utility namespace as done
* Implement the preference parser
* If time, continue with some more Thunderbird specific things in the Beagle.Util.Thunderbird namespace
* Update documentation

I have some concerns about how the backend will scale when dealing with a lot of Mork files that I've been stuck thinking about. I'll probably try to discuss this with my mentor and more properly describe my concerns next week. That's me for now.


Pierre Östlund

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