Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

The past week has been intense. I've put a lot of time into the extension and I'm starting to see result. The core is pretty much complete (I need to give it an overhaul) and most of the GUI is complete is well. The little dog is in the corner and the settings dialog is there and works too. When I think of it, there's not much left. My goal is still to push a release before end of this week (meaning today as I'm a bit late), so check out my blog throughout the day for more information if you want to try it out.

Next week will primary be start of writing the backend. Bug squashing the extension will happen at the side.

A small question here at the end: what license should I apply to the extension? I know that beagle is primarily MIT X11, but wouldn't the MPL 2.0 be a better license for this?


Pierre Östlund

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