GSoc Weekly Report (Browser Extension Rewrite)

Hi, all.
    In the last week (or last two weeks) , I have improve the
extension a little.
* popup menu
* "index this page "  index current page , ignore the exclude /include rules.
*  Change the status bar label to "beagle is indexing [URL]" when a
page is indexed.

I did a little search in , there are some
bug reports for the extension.
eg, Bug 317605:
In fact , I use "status bar label " to indicate  whether the page is
indexed. And use the beagle icon to indicate wheather the beagle is
enabled or disabled or in a error state.
The icon is "global". I think it partly fix the bug .

What to do next:
* to fix the bugs  in  bugzilla (or avoid producing them )
* make it more convient to  add filters  ( something like add "alway
index this domain/page"  "never index this domain/page "  menu )

Tao Fei (陶飞)
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