Re: Status of Dashboard

Hello, Joe.

On 7/2/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:
  .. snip ..
The infrastructure for sending clues around is there, as are plugins
for a few different applications.  There is some search and
summarization stuff there, but not really any UI to speak of.  Kevin
wrote up a bit of a TODO on the project page a couple of months ago,
but I don't agree with all of the points there.  The bottom line is
that someone needs to pick it up and make it their own, really.

As for the TODO, what changes/additions/modifications would you make?

I'll willing to try and pick up the project.  I'm open to suggestions
for direction.  I'm currently reading a bunch of research papers that
seem relevant and trying to devise some vision/roadmap for the

Also, can you set up svn write access for Andrew and I?  I'm not sure
what the procedure is--Google just directed me to a page that said I
needed to contact a project owner to become a member.  (My Google
username is godbyk.)

Thanks for your help (and any insights)!

--Kevin Godby

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